I hope you enjoyed the very first episode of this podcast.

I’ve seen this happen too many times, so my second episode is about updating your game post-launch and communicating with fans. Just updating your game shows that you are working at making the game better, and the community will be kinder to you when interacting with them.

Times have changed for storefronts, so it’s more important than ever to keep on top of reviews, customer satisfaction, and keeping up appearances.

This includes checking out storefronts that you aren’t actually selling on, or that people are talking about other products you have. Back when I worked at thatgamecompany, I’d even head over to the Amazon forums and answer questions that came up about Sky and the Journey Collector’s Edition.

Here are some Itch.io pages that you should look at for inspiration:

Arietta of Spirits by Third Spirit – Notice how the background image lines up with the background of the text area.
Infested by Jeff Canam, Orie Falconer, and Jason Canam – This has a simple design, but it matches up quite well with the aesthetic of the game.
Bot-Land by Xtonomous – The moving header moves gracefully with the background.

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